Photograpny & Videography

Enjoy great photography and videography services in Cameroon. With our highly professional photographers and videographers, our desire is not just to produce pictures and videos but to create content that inspires engagement! We work with individuals, corporate bodies, and other institutions to deliver the most compelling video footage, pictures, movies, documentaries, and adverts.

Adverts and Programme Intros

Video Documentaries

Some events only happen once in a lifetime and the memories they leave, worth reliving again and again. We at Clone Multimedia capture such incredible moments so we can help you keep those memories frozen in time. Forever stay close to the moments you cherish and the people you love!

Tell us a little about your project and we can get this ball rolling. It only takes about two minutes if you’re really good at typing. Don’t like forms? Give us a call (+237) 674 878 693